Main Sale Registration Confirmation

Hello from the Team,

**This message is to CONFIRM you are registered for the Token Main Sale, You will also receive an email confirmation**

Main Sale Start date: 31st March 2018 9AM UTC
We will only accept NEO tokens as payment during this Main Sale

The latest version of the NEON wallet is FULLY compatible with our CGE token sale.

Please read the medium blog: How to participate in the sale – This will highlight exactly how to download and participate within the sale. Participate in the Token Sale Instructions

Read the Whitepaper
Join the Telegram Chat Group
Download the NEON Wallet

Thank you for signing up, please save this email to avoid any important info going into junk as we move closer to the sale. will always use the [email protected] email for information regarding the Main Sale please keep this in mind for safety reasons.

Thanks for your support! Team

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